Come to Brussels, a congestion-free city in 2022, but avoid the day of 'Roadworks', when Akila Kama, an African terrorist takes the city and many foreign heads of state hostage. His demands are simple, either the greatest humanitarian aid package is sent to Africa by the nations of the West, or their leaders die.

In a city where all rail, road and underground traffic is computerised, Hugh Ryan, a Transport Authority controller, realises that while all traffic inside the city is at a standstill, Wellens, a local crimelord who helped the Africans, has embarked on his own traitorous plan which he hatches with a mole in the Transport Authority.


"This is an amazing plot. It has threads of greed, politics, terrorism and deceit woven into a plot of suspense. While this is set in the future it is very realistic and should be a warning to us all." Readers Favourite at Amazon

"a refreshingly original thriller featuring a very unlikely public works employee turned hero...keeps the reader guessing throughout..." Todd Fonseca author of the Time Cavern

" action-packed thrill ride...truly edge-of-your-seat excitement" Bonnie Lass at Coffee Time Romance

"...this book is really a well done suspense. It's more than a traffic jam and hostage book! It's extremely clever, fast paced, and well thought out...I could easily see this as a made for TV movie. Easily."

JennaKay Francis author of Free Spirit

"This one has blockbuster movie written all over it."

Laurel Johnson at Midwest Book Review